Patch Update New Player For Winning Eleven 9 - Free Download

Patch - Technically, the patch can be equated with that Crack will make modifications to the commercial program, but the program does not include the patch files modified them, but a little program modification process in place user automatically.

Typically, you will be prompted to install the program normally, then after the installation is complete, you just run the patch program. Then the patch will modify your favorite Automatic Software that can run free.

This technique has the same drawbacks as Crack, because if you did that already in the Update Software-Patch, the files that have been modified by the patch program will be cut back by the original files such Software.

How to Patch Winning Eleven 9

1. Install The Game
2. Open The Game or Play Game (wait until folder 1 save)
3. Quit Game
4. Extrak and Copy the File PATCH and Paste on : C:\Documents and Settings\XP\My Documents\KONAMI\Winning Eleven 9\save\folder1
5. Replace Existing File
6. Enjoy New Player on Game
Download Here :

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