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Free Download PC Game Worms 3D Full Version - Funny

by Dedy Hendrawan , at 3:22 PM

Free Download PC Game Worms 3D Full Version - Funny

Worms 3DWorms are a common name used for the Oligochaeta, which depends on the class and subclass inventor in the phylum Annelida.
Earthworms Lumbricus type has a flat body shape. The number of segments owned approximately 90-195 and klitelum located on segments 27-32. Usually, this type of competition from other species so that a smaller body. However, when reared her size could match or exceed other types.

Earthworm Pheretima type segment reaches 95-150 segments. Klitelum lies in the segment 14-16. He gilik long, cylindrical shaped purplish red. including earthworms Pheretima among other types of worms red worms and worm Koot necklace.

Earthworms are beings who have lived with the help of their defense system since the early phases of evolution, so they can always face the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms in their environment. Research has been ongoing for about 50 years showing that earthworms have a humoral immune and cellular mechanisms. In addition it has been found that the earthworm coelomic fluid contains more than 40 proteins and exhibits multiple biological activities as follows: cytolytic, proteolytic, antimicrobial, hemolytic, hemagglutinating, tumorolytic, and mitogenic activity.

Eisenia foetida coelomic fluid from Andrei been studied have an antimicrobial activity against Aeromonas hydrophila and Bacillus megaterium known as pathogens earthworms. After it acquired two proteins, named Fetidins, from earthworm coelomic fluid and confirmed that the antibacterial activity is due because fetidins. Lumbricus rubellus also has two antibacterial agents Lumbricin named Lumbricin 1 and 2. More recently, two types of factors that have antibacterial activity of lysozyme with hemolytic activity as well as pattern recognition protein named coelomic cytolytic factor (CCF) has been identified in Eisenia foetida earthworms. Lysenin different proteins and Eisenia foetida lysenin-like protein has several activities a cytolytic hemolytic, antibacterial and membrane-permeabilizing properties.
Protein owned by earthworms have different mechanisms of antimicrobial mechanisms of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill microorganisms without damaging the tissue. Antibiotics kill mikroganisme usually in two ways, namely by stopping the metabolic pathways that can produce the required nutrient by microorganisms or inhibit specific enzymes needed to construct Helps bacterial cell wall. Meanwhile, the mechanism by which proteins are owned by earthworms is to create pores in the cell walls of bacteria. This caused the bacterial cytoplasm became exposed to the external environment that can disrupt activity in the bacterial cell and lead to death. In this way, the bacteria become more difficult to become resistant because of the damaged cell structures are owned by the bacterium itself. 
Worms 3D 
Worms 3D

Worms 3D



Free Download PC Game Worms 3D Full Version - Funny

Dedy Hendrawan
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